FW Series Hydrocarbon Water and Absorbing Filter

FW Series Hydrocarbon Water Absorbing Filter

Industrial Cartridges

FW series filters remove particulate contamination down to one micron and free or emulsified water from hydrocarbon fluids. These filters utilize the latest technology in filtration and include multiple layers of protection including a super-absorbent layer to collect, trap and prevent water from passing downstream and to ensure the fuel is clean and dry. The FW series is compatible with most fuels, including biodiesel blends up to B20 and are typically used at refineries with process streams, on finished product at petrochemical plants, through the petrochemical storage and distribution systems, and at the point of consumption.

FW series filters can be used in the FBO filter assemblies which are available for both mobile and marine applications. FBO -10 and FBO -14 are mobile application assemblies and FBO-10-MA and FBO-14-MA are marine application assemblies.


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