AC-R - Gas Pressure Regulator


The Cata-Dyne™ line of Gas Pressure Regulators are designed to provide precise control of gas or propane flow, and are part of the piping system connected to the Cata-Dyne™ heaters. There are three types of regulators available, suitable for different applications.

The Appliance Regulator controls the manifold pressure on Cata-Dyne™ heaters fuelled by natural gas. The Service or Low Pressure Regulator works with all Cata-Dyne™ heater models operating on LPG or natural gas.

It serves as a natural gas low pressure line regulator when used in conjunction with the gas appliance regulator. The High Pressure Regulator has a similar function to the Low Pressure, but features much higher maximum inlet and outlet pressures, and is installed upstream of any other regulators provided.

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