Energy Management System


Fastrax® Energy Management System (EMS) is designed to turn heating on when there is freezing rain or snow detected by monitoring site conditions such as precipitation, ambient air temperature and rail temperature.

Fastrax® EMS components include a circuit board, ambient air temperature sensor, and optional precipitation sensor and/or rail thermostat.

We offer three types of Energy Management Systems including:

HELLFIRE Energy Management System: HELLFIRE heaters are designed to accept all the EMS components, a circuit board, a plug in precipitation sensor, ambient air temperature sensor and rail thermostat. No extra enclosure or wiring required, simply plug them into the control board.

Single Heater Energy Management System: The Single Heater EMS automates the control of a single heater, typically at an end of a siding.

Multi Heater Energy Management System The Multi Heater EMS is recommended for the automatic control of 2 to 6 heaters, or 2 to 10 heaters, typically at a double crossover. The Multi Heater EMS is installed in the signal bungalow to provide a single
control point for all heaters and use of existing control wiring.

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