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Overhead HVAC Duct Heaters (DFF, DIF, DOF)

Duct Heater

Caloritech™ HVAC Heaters come in three different series.

DFF & DIF Series

The Caloritech™ DFF & DIF Tubular Overhead HVAC Heaters are designed for operation with a primary HVAC system. The DFF comes with Finned tubular (Calrod® type*) elements while the DIF features Non-finned tubular (Calrod® type*) elements. The elements are positioned in a metal fabricated frame generally designed for removal during servicing without disturbing the heater frame. Elements are rigidly braced to minimize vibrations.

DOF Series

The Caloritech™ DOF Open Coil Overhead HVAC Heater is also designed for operation with a primary HVAC system. The unit is made from helical wound high grade nickel chromium resistant wires supported by interlocking ceramic insulators with four times the creepage distance between terminal and ground.

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