TubeTrace™ Type SEI-MEI-HTX2

TubeTrace® Type SEI/MEI - HTX2

Electrically Heated Tubing Bundles

TubeTrace HTX2 is a pre-engineered electric traced tube bundle for steam sample lines and impulse lines to pressure transmitters. TubeTrace HTX2 will provide water freeze protection in ambient conditions down to -34°C (-30°F) with 40 kph (25 mph) wind. HTX2 is suitable for superheat steam service temperatures up to 593°C (1100°F) for a duration of 2 minutes per cycle.

In the past, tubing subject to high temperature exposure was heat traced with series resistance mineral insulated (MI) heat trace. MI heaters are custom made to fit each application, so long lead times are often required. TubeTrace HTX2 solves this with Thermon parallel resistance HPT heat trace isolated from direct contact with high temperature tubing.

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