Thermon Develops A High Efficiency Catalytic Destruction Module For Continuous Fugitive Methane Emissions

February 14, 2019

Thermon Heating Systems, Inc. (THS) has developed a catalytic methane destruction module for continuous fugitive methane emissions that achieves high efficiency destruction rates. Our technology utilizes a catalytic conversion process where methane molecules are converted into water and carbon dioxide molecules during a flameless exothermic reaction.

The current equipment configuration allows for scalable modules to process 500 SQFH of methane (natural gas) with a destruction rate of 92-95%.

The unique design of THS methane destruction modules enable THS to increase or decrease the throughput of the equipment allowing for a wide range of applications. Modules can range from 16 SQFH to 1000 SQFH, or higher.

The functional configuration of controls provides the ability to go from a black-start startup with temporary 12VDC power systems to sophisticated and automated controls capable of handling complex operational sequences. The construction characteristic of the equipment allow for portability and quick installation on emission sites.

Our methane destruction equipment is designed and built to operate in hazardous location areas Class I, Div 1 or Div 2, Gas groups C and D, and it complies with the requirements of CSA B149.1, B149.3 or NFPA 54.