Thermon is Excited to Announce The Global Launch of CompuTrace Power Management (CPM)

December 28, 2018

December 28th, 2018 - Thermon is excited to announce the global launch of CompuTrace Power Management (CPM). CPM is a complimentary module to VisiTrace—Thermon’s proprietary 3D design software—that streamlines and automates the design of power distribution in electrical heat tracing systems.

As a result, electrical design teams receive critical information regarding electrical loads and power distribution locations earlier in the design process. In addition to aiding with power distribution design, CompuTrace Power Management assists with module construction programs, automatically generates schedules and layouts—including panel schedules, EHT panel settings schedules, cable schedules, and plot plans.

CPM integrates smart graphics and an intelligent CAD power plot plan to aid designers in optimizing power distribution for EHT systems and small associated electrical loads.