Norseman™ from Thermon Heating Systems is the most technologically advanced line of explosion-proof electric air heaters and heating accessories, including both forced air convection heaters and natural convection heaters, as well as unit heaters, panel heaters and thermostats. Norseman™ offers innovative, low maintenance solutions for a wide range of applications in a variety of industrial and commercial environments.

Flexibility in application and design

The Norseman™ line provides the industry standard in explosion-proof forced air or natural convection solutions suitable for hazardous environments across a wide kilowatt range. Custom engineered heaters or heating systems are available for specialized applications. Our qualified and knowledgable sales staff are ready to help you select the solution that's right for you.

Durable construction

With anodized, copper-free aluminum housings and heat sinks, and nickel plated, low watt density elements, the Norseman™ line of electric explosion-proof heaters is designed to provide reliable, low maintenance service.

Simplified wiring

To facilitate convenient installation, Norseman™ heaters feature the patented x-Max® terminal housing with screw-on cover and slide-out terminal block trolley.

Norseman™ products are, in many cases, also highly compatible with our other product lines -- Cata-Dyne™, Ruffneck™, Caloritech™ and DriQuik™ -- to provide our customers with complete heating solutions for industrial and commercial applications.