Announcing the Release of Genesis Duo Heat Trace Controller

December 16, 2022

Genesis Duo is Thermon’s new industry leading heat trace controller. The Genesis Duo is designed around our latest IIoT platform enabling seamless integration into the Genesis Network with no additional hardware. The Duo operates on all of the same control algorithms as the Genesis Multi-Point Control Panel in a compact dual circuit package that can be pipe mounted or wall mounted. The Duo package and platform offers a means for distributed control using the Genesis Network and retrofit flexibility for legacy panels and controllers.

Key Features

  • Touchscreen LCD display (glove touch capable)
  • Light ring to enhance notifications from a distance
  • Dual circuit control or single circuit control with high temperature limiter per IEC/IEEE 60079-30-1
  • Voltage and Current monitoring in a compact design
  • Intrinsically safe RTD inputs
  • Multiple communication interfaces
  • Certified for Class I Division 2, Zone 2, and Zone 21

Please reach out to your local sales representative for more information.