For over 60 years, we at Thermon have prided ourselves in providing the most innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs. Whether your needs involve heat tracing, field services, heating systems, temporary power, engineered designs, or overall flow, Thermon has the solution for you.

Heat Trace Solutions
The ultimate solution for your heat tracing needs

Our world class team and industry leading technology will provide the ultimate solution to your heat tracing needs. We provide a global team that offers local support so that you can rely on Thermon wherever you are. Our engineering center is available to provide you with custom designs, and with our software automation you can be certain that our solutions will be coordinated and efficient.

As the global leader in industrial heating, we are a single source for all your heating needs. With our deep industry experience, you can rest assured that we provide trusted designs to continuously meet your needs.

Thermon heat-tracing solution:
  • Project Engineering Services
  • Thermal products and materials
  • Control & Surveillance Systems
  • Accessories
  • Expert advice and support
  • Construction and Field Service
Heat-tracing project and technical services include:
  • Field study
  • Quoting and Estimating
  • mechanical engineering
    • Heat-tracing system design
    • Power distribution design
    • Drawings/Isometries/Specifications
    • Parallel design for control and power distribution
  • Project Management
Heating Systems
We are the global leader in industrial heating solutions

Thermon is the global leader in industrial heating solutions. Our advanced heating and filtration systems will help maintain safe temperatures in heavy industrial and hazardous facilities. Helping to keep your building, your equipment and your employees safe, is why we do what we do.

Our family of heating solutions includes the world-renowned Ruffneck™, Caloritech™, Cata-Dyne™, Norseman™ and 3L Filter™.

Thermon heating systems include:

  • Immersion heaters
  • Engineered heating & filtration systems
  • Explosion-proof catalytic gas heaters
  • Explosion-proof electric air heaters
  • Boilers and calorifiers
  • Advice and support from experts
Temporary Power Solutions
Providing Industrial power distribution and lighting equipment

Thermon Temporary Power Solutions is Thermon's electrical manufacturing division and the leading provider of industrial power distribution and lighting equipment. We have provided trusted solutions to some of the world's largest and best-known industrial complexes.

Our products are available for sale and rent. We offer power solutions for general and hazardous purpose locations. We also offer industrial lighting solutions and products.

General Power

General power solutions include Greenfield Construction projects. We also provide general power solutions for brownfield projects, shutdowns and turnarounds where the entire area has been declassified.

Hazardous Locations

Our hazardous area power solutions include services for Class I, Division 2 - Shutdowns/Turnarounds and Brownfield projects where explosive gases/dusts may be present. Thermon can also supply Class 1, Division 1 Marine work lighting and other products and services tailored to your needs.

Both general purpose and hazardous solutions include:
  • main distribution center
  • remote distribution center
  • main boards
  • subpanels
  • advice and support from lighting experts

Thermon's engineered, reliable power, distribution and lighting systems are ideal solutions for any construction or brownfield project. Our systems deliver safe and efficient energy in every industrial sector.

The most effective and reliable on the global market

Thermon’s transportation heating solutions are the most effective and reliable in the global market. We provide packages for outdoor freight and rail lines as well as heating for passenger or cab compartments in transit.

Fastrax by Thermon, an outdoor rail heating package offers a full range of snow clearing services for rail track and switch equipment including:

Thermon's Velocity™ is a rail heating solution for passengers or cabins. This advanced heating package is ideal Solution for every indoor transport rail system. This package contains:

  • Underfloor heating
  • FV Calvane heater
  • Forced air heater
Tubing Bundles
From freeze protection to process temperature maintenance, our tubing bundles have everything you need
Our tube bundle solutions are designed to meet all your needs, from freeze protection to process temperature maintenance. In the face of increasing regulatory requirements, Thermon offers its customers proven products that meet or exceed specifications.
Industries We Serve
We provide products and resources to the industries that help communities around the world

Thermon has spent over 60 years designing reliable, efficient industrial equipment heating products. We are proud to serve a large number of well-known companies both in industrial and hazardous areas.

Training and Services
A whole range of services for all your Thermon products

Thermon provides more than top of the line heating products. We partner with our customers to provide a whole range of services including onsite technical support, professional installation, training programs, heat trace audits and repair recommendations for all Thermon products.

We also provide a project management warranty on all of our work including documentation so that you can rest assured that everything from installations to inspections and audits are done correctly. No matter where you are in the world, we have local professionals ready to assist you on your project.

All service programs include:

  • Project management-warranty on all work completed
  • Complete documentation -complete testing and inspections, with documentation, for peace of mind that your system is installed correctly
  • Preventative maintenance program - ongoing on-site support for small or large projects assisting with all aspects of your systems, from inspections and QA/QC
  • Top on-site technicians available for inspections and preventative maintenance on all Thermon products. Technicians also provide recommendations on repairs for all products.
  • Ongoing on-site support for small or large projects assisting with all aspects of your EHT systems, from splicing to inspections and QA/QC.
  • Full EH audits on all projects using Thermon products
Training Programs

Thermon offers multiple levels of competitively-priced training to all of our valued customers. Students get a combination of practical and hands-on training—from basic operations of the many different controllers to the final connections of communications and supervisory software.

This highly recommended training gives site staff and contractors the confidence and ability to operate heat tracing systems to their full ability, saving time and money and preventing unnecessary downtime due to failed equipment.

Panel Maintenance Program

The Panel Maintenance program is a good offering for late spring, summer, and early fall. This program ensures that your panels are in perfect operating condition for the winter season. Our maintenance program provides custom - built programs that can include full health checks of all your EHT and operating systems as well as alarm management.

Construction and Commissioning Services

At Thermon we pride ourselves in providing complete service bundles for all construction projects. Whether you need training, product installation or environmental audits, Thermon can keep your project on track.

As part of our construction and commissioning bundles, Thermon offers:

  • Complete EHT System Installation (SR/MI Cable, Tubing Bundles, Power/End Kits & JBs, RTDs, Controllers)
  • QA/QC, Testing, Documentation & Support
  • Comprehensive Controller, EHT, RTD and Communication Commissioning
  • Baseline Testing & Design Confirmation
  • Deficiency Management & Rectification
  • Fielding Engineering and Design Support

Safety is a core value at Thermon. Our approach to safety includes identifying possible risks, implementing measures to prevent potential incidents and educating employees about unsafe behaviors.

Our Incident Management System has established a set of worldwide expectations for addressing risks and serves as the foundation for communicating leading and lagging indicators. Thermon’s 2020 total recordable workforce incident rate per 200,000 work hours was 0.20. When compared to our NAICs industry workforce benchmark of 2.3, Thermon continues to be an industry leader in safety performance.

Heat Audit
Prevent downtime on any project

Our Heat Trace System Audit is an essential tool to address issues and prevent downtime on any project. We offer this service to all our customers using Thermon heat tracing products.