Announcing the release of Genesis Network Software Version 1.1

February 16, 2022

The Genesis Network delivers full operational awareness and supervisory control over heat trace systems consisting of Thermon and third party products. The Genesis Network connects all heat trace controllers via wireless mesh communications or wired ethernet to the control room. In the control room, alarms and performance history are logged and displayed to operators, maintenance teams, and management via a user-friendly browser-based interface accessible from any PC or tablet. The platform also offers rich reporting features through an optional Power BI integration.Genesis Network software consists of Genesis Server software and all firmware packages for the various Genesis network devices. Software is installed on the server and firmware for the various Genesis Network devices is pushed with an over the air update.

Genesis Network Version 1.1 new features:

  • Support for nVent NGC40
  • Support for nVent T2000
  • Enabled over the air updates allowing network hardware to update without physical access
  • Allow multiple backhauls per gateway improving network performance
  • Network neighbor reports to USB. Each network device has the ability to show all devices that are connected to facilitate a more robust network
  • Long loop mode allows the connection of Modbus loops with multiple controllers in a single loop facilitating legacy installations
  • Multi payloads reducing mesh traffic by 60%

Genesis Network issues resolved from version 1.0:

  • Various display issues in Network Management screen
  • Resolved a potential null reference exception.
  • Updated Firmware version Display issue.
  • Updated Firmware version Display issue.
  • Fixed Modal positioning bug in UI.
  • Improved installer and configurator making installation and commissioning more seamless
  • Stability improvements
  • Added 'minutes' default units to the Startup Delay setting
  • Fixed an issue in the Database migrations where a failure would occur when run against some existing installations

With the Genesis Network platform, Thermon is committed to releasing new features several times per year which offer enhancements to existing installations. If your operation has specific needs, please reach out to your local Sales Representative to request new features or enhancements. Please contact Thermon for more information

Thermon's HTSX™ 400 & 480 Vac Self-Regulating Heat Trace delivers:

  • Over 70% increase in voltage rating, creating new applications and usage cases for our inherently safe and reliable self-regulating technology
  • Up to 110% increase in heat tracing circuit lengths, simplifying plant design and optimizing Total Installed and Maintenance Costs for our Customers
  • Thermon’s unique and proven Monolithic Co-Extrusion (MCE) technology, offering improved life expectancy and reliability over the competition
  • Identical T-Ratings to our lower voltage HTSX™ offerings, ensuring the same safe operation in hazardous areas
  • Enhanced Safety and Easier Installation compared with other high voltage and extended circuit length heat trace technologies

Thermon’s team of engineers and scientists pioneered the world’s first MCE self-regulating heat trace in 1997. As we have charted the path forward, significant investments in materials science, product design, and processing capabilities enabled the creation of our renowned HTSX™, VSX-HT™, and USX™ trace heaters. Thermon's new 400 & 480 Vac capability for HTSX™ has increased the voltage rating and circuit length,while maintaining the inherent safety, reliability, low cost of ownership, and ease of installation that Thermon HTSX™is known for.

Available in three nominal power outputs of 10, 15, and 20 W/ft at 480 Vac and 24, 40, and 57 W/m at 400 Vac, this new high voltage option features T-Ratings of T3 (for 10 & 15 W/ft) and T2C (for 20 W/ft). The three high voltage options can be energized with 380 to 480 Vac, complementing the existing six power output options that are available for both 100-120 Vac and 200-277 Vac.

Specify the new high voltage HTSX™ to optimize your critical freeze protection and process maintenance heat tracing systems today!

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