Oil and Gas

Thermon provides industrial heating and filtration solutions to all sectors of the Oil and Gas industry. Whether you need production, processing, storage or distribution solutions

  • Global dedicated engineering and technical support
  • Process maintenance and freeze protection free with all heat tracing products
  • Advanced controls technology with remote access and IoT product monitoring with panels and all accessories
  • Explosion proof products rated for the most extreme and dangerous places through internationally recognized organizations Freeze protection of piping, tanks., an

Oil and Gas solutions include products and services for the following industries:

Upstream Gas - The exploration and production of natural gas including well heads, drilling, gathering stations, field gas liquids processing, metering stations.

Midstream Gas- The processing, storing and transportation of natural gas from fields to distribution hubs and preparation for final processing. We provide solutions for large pipelines, interstate/inter-country pipelines and more.

Downstream Gas- The final processing (cleaning, liquids removal) of natural gas for distribution to end users and end products. Downstream gas also includes the value-added processes to convert the gas into components such as gas cracking, gas fractionalization, ethylene cracking, LNG facilities and LNG shipment.

Upstream Oil- The exploration and production of oil including well heads, drilling, raw crude oil, gathering stations, water separation, oil sands processing and field storage of oil.

Midstream Oil – The processing, storing, transporting of oil from fields to distribution hubs and preparation for final processing (refining). Thermon provides solutions for large pipelines and interstate/inter-country pipelines.

Downstream Oil / Refining-  This is the final processing of oil and distribution to end users and end products. Downstream processes that Thermon provides solutions for include FCC cracking, refining of crude oil into gasoline, diesel, jet, and other fuels