CompuTrace Design Suite

CompuTrace® ST version 3.01

Design Technology

Computer Design Program for Steam Tracing on Pipes

CompuTrace-ST V3.0 is based on extensive testing and more than fifty (50) years experience in steam tracing. It provides designs to steam trace piping based on

  • “Thermonized” steam tracing circuits (steam tubing with Thermon HTCompounds)
  • SafeTrace Isolated Tracing products for freeze protection or lower pipe temperatures.

CompuTrace-ST V 3.0 can also compare different steam pressures and/or insulation types to yield different pipe temperatures.


Click the download link above to begin. You will need to login/register in order to download the software. After logging in or registering you will be directed back to this page, click on the link again and you will be granted access.

CompuTrace-ST V3.0 supersedes all earlier versions of CompuTrace-ST which are no longer supported by Thermon.
Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice

For further information, or to obtains the software on flash drive please feel free to contact Thermon directly via email at sales@localhost.