Series Constant Watt Heating Tracing

TESH series resistance constant Watt heat tracing is used where circuit lengths exceed the limitations of parallel resistance heat tracing. TESH withstands the temperature exposures associated with steam purging. Thermon’s MIQ mineral insulated cables are manufactured using Alloy 825, a high nickel/chromium alloy ideally suited for high temperature service that offers exceptional resistance to stress corrosion in chloride, acid, salt and alkaline environments.

The series circuitry of TESH provides consistent Watt-per-metre power output along the entire length of the heat tracing with no voltage drop. A glassceramic tape layer adds additional protection to TESH, and a fluoropolymer overjacket provides chemical resistance while maintaining maximum flexibility. The construction of TES

TESH is approved for use in ordinary (nonclassified) areas and Categories 2 and 3 ATEX classified areas.

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