Skin Effect Heat Tracing System

A ThermTrac system provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional resistance heat tracing on long pipelines by eliminating the need for an extensive power distribution system. A pipeline up to 25 kilometers (15 miles) long can be traced from a single power point. The versatility of the system makes it ideal for temperature maintenance, freeze protection and heat-up applications.

The system generates heat in the heat tube by thereturn electrical current flowing through the impedance of the inner skin of the heat tube. There is no voltage or current on the outer skin of the heat tube.

The ThermTrac insulated conductor is the heart of Thermon’s skin effect heating system. This conductor is custom designed by Thermon with dielectric insulation and optional scuff jacket to meet specific project applications. ThermTrac insulated conductor is manufactured 100% by Thermon so the highest quality can be obtained.

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