Screwplug Heaters (CX Series)

Specialty Heater

Caloritech™ Screwplug heaters are available in four different series.

CX Series

The Caloritech™ CX Screwplug Immersion Heater is used primarily to heat water in tanks through natural convection currents. Typical heaters have standard 1" - 2 1/2" NPT tapered plugs. Other sizes or plugs are available on special order. All thermostat equipped screwplug heaters with moisture or explosion-proof housings feature a convenient terminal block mounted to a slide out trolley.

CXC & CXF Series

Caloritech™ CXC Screwplug Heaters are used primarily for water heating applications and feature brass screwplugs with a copper sheath, CXF Screwplug Heaters are used primarily for oil heating applications and feature incoloy® elements silver brazed into a steel screwplug. Low watt density units are used for heavier non-circulated oils, while higher watt density units are suitable for light oils or in forced oil circulation loops.

Units are available with optional standard built-in thermostat - a one pole device limited to 240V 25 amp with a range of 50°F to 250°F (10°C to 120°C). 600V thermostats, double pole thermostats and alternative
temperature range thermostats are available upon special request.

CXI Series

Caloritech™ CXI Screwplug Heaters are used primarily for liquid heating applications and are suitable for heating mildly corrosive solutions. They use higher density incoloy® elements welded into a stainless steel screwplug. Units are available with built-in adjustable thermostat and explosion-proof housing (as pictured).

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