Tubular Heaters (IX, HX, KX Series)

Tubular Heaters (IX, HX, KX Series)

Specialty Heater

Caloritech™ tubular heaters are available in three different series.

HX Straight, Unfinned
IX Formed, Unfinned
KX Finned
IX & HX Series

The Caloritech™ IX & HX Tubular Heaters (Calrod® type*) can be used in most heating applications that require process heating temperatures up to 750°C (1382°F). These tubular elements can be clamped, immersed, cast into metal or spaced away from the work as radiant heaters. They can also be positioned in ducts or vessels for heating air and other gases. These units can be factory formed into virtually any shape, and inside bending diameters as small as one element diameter are sometimes possible. Caloritech™ tubular heater styles offer a selection of sheath diameters and material options, including copper, steel, stainless steel, incoloy®, inconel® and titanium.

KX Series

Caloritech™ KX Finned Tubular Heaters (Calrod® type*) are normally used for forced convection heating applications with outlet air temperatures up to 300°C (572°F). Steel fins are spirally wound over a heating element and then metallurgically bonded by furnace brazing, leaving negligible thermal resistance at the joint. Four surfaces finishes available: bare steel, nickel plated, aluminum painted and black enamel. Finned tubular heaters offer distinct advantages over open coil heaters, including minimized risk of fire or electrical shock, longer service life and less overall required maintenance.

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