CPSS & CPE Series

Solid State Power Control Panels (CPSS, CPE Series)

Control Panels

Caloritech™ Solid State Power Control Panels come in two different series.

CPSS Series

The Caloritech™ CPSS Solid State Power Control Panel with Base Load uses a combination of contactor stages controlled by a step control and an SCR solid state power control for fine tuning. Typically the SCR stage switches 20 to 30% of the total load with contactors making up the balance. The control package automatically determines when extra base load contactor steps need to be brought in or dropped out. Many adjustments such as proportioning band, zero and span, and time delay between stages are field adjustable to fine tune to the process.

CPE Series

The Caloritech™ CPE Full Solid State Power Control Panel is designed for automatic control of electric heaters using proven concepts and procedures. All Caloritech™ control panels can be custom built to meet various environmental requirements including dust, oil, and water, as well as corrosive or hazardous materials. The CPE unit features full SCR control. Multiple backup contactors are used to protect and facilitate wiring to the process heater. Where necessary, Type 12 enclosures include fans and vents to keep ambient temperatures to a safe level.

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