HAC/HBD Horizontal Air Curtains for Hot Box Detectors

Air Curtains

Fastrax® HAC/HBD Series Horizontal Air Curtains for Hot Box Detectors ensure reliable operation of hot bearing detectors all winter long. The scanner line of sight is kept clear by covering the scanner with a high velocity curtain of ambient temperature air to prevent the accumulation of snow and freezing rain. When left to run continuously, the HAC takes advantage of a phenomenon called sublimation, providing additional clearing capability by evaporating ice from frost build-up.

Fastrax® HAC/HBD is intended for use with detectors mounted straddling a tie and can be modified for crib mounting. The HAC/HBD snow clearing device consists of a compact electrically powered centrifugal blower
equipped with a low velocity intake, ducting and two nozzles. The air from the blower is ducted below the rails, exits the rail mounted nozzles at approximately 100 mph, and is directed over the hot box detector.

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