Velocity Threshold & Door Pocket Heaters

Threshold Heaters (Calbar™, Tubular)

Transit Heater

Threshold and Door Pocket Heating

In colder climates snow and ice can accumulate on train door thresholds and door pockets, interfering with door operation and jeopardizing passenger safety. Thermon Heating Systems provides unique heating designs to ensure passenger safety and keep doors operational.

Our line of threshold and door pocket heaters are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments of water submersion, corrosive substances, friction, shock and vibration. This design focus has produced the most durable, robust and reliable heaters on the market. Thermon Heating Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented CALBAR™ heating element and offers traditional tubular heating elements as well.


Research and Development

Testing and analysis of a threshold heater is required to ensure proper functionality and longevity. With the use of thermal imaging and instrumented testing, we confirm complete heating of the threshold while ensuring temperatures remain within specification. The CALBAR™ heating element is also fully submerged for up to 24 hours to assure the element is properly sealed from water ingression.

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